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About Us

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Jin Jin Hot/Cold Desserts has a very nostalgic value to the residents of ABC Food Centre and Market. For some reason, the owner gave up the shop. However Jin Jin was later rekindled by two people from totally different world under a very “fated” and coincidental situation on 2nd June 2004.

These two people are Calvin Ho and Ewan Tang. Calvin is a matured and a cool-minded man who has been in the insurance industry for 15 years while Ewan is a young, fun-loving adventurous guy who used to be a DJ.

As both decided to venture out of their fields to do their own business, they became partners. Despite the extreme different character and personality, the chemistry works out perfectly between them when they became business partners is magical.

A beer garden was their initial choice of venture but Lady Luck wasn’t smiling at them. They encountered umpteen difficulties in getting a good location.

One day, something came by. Ewan’s friend introduced Jin Jin to them. They decided to give it a shot even though they have absolute zero knowledge of making desserts. Friends and families were worried with their courage. Lots of discouragement and doubts was faced by them. The more negative comments hit on them, the more it pushed these two fighters to prove the others were wrong.

With the passion and positive enthusiasm, Jin Jin Hot/Cold Desserts is BACK!

Unfortunately, passion and enthusiasm just wasn’t enough. One taste of the dessert is still what is going into the customers’ mouth. The amateur crash course that they acquire apparently failed to produce results. The most emotional period must be the time they were trying to cook “Tau Suan” to look like edible “Tau Suan”. They went food tasting, consulted friends and researched in the book store. It is also at that time, they found out “Tau Suan” is actually a Teo Chew Dessert very much liked by a lot of Singaporeans at large. Business was facing a pitfall then!

Like all partners, when business meets with hiccups, arguments and disagreements arise. At the verge of breaking down and throwing in the towel, Jin Jin dessert shop took a break for upgrading. The integrity and fighting spirits in both owners told themselves that they would never give up without trying their utmost best. And this is what they have that gives Jin Jin a chance to reach its turning point. Now it is the most satisfying feeling for them when patrons compliment their “Tau Suan” is very delicious. This is a big milestone for them.

Calvin and Ewan started from afresh. They went to all the different desserts shop in Singapore to try out all the different sort of desserts. Ewan even went to several countries in Asia to bring back the individual country’s signature desserts and improvise them to suit the locals’ taste bud.

Being in sales line for a while, Calvin believes in marketing greatly. Presentation is one of them. Being born and raised in a kampong in Pulau Tekong where desserts were simple and uninteresting, That inspires him to have enticing looking dessert with quality taste.

On the other hand, Ewan being half Indonesian, a place where Chendol was known best, his emphasis of having the original Chendol in Jin Jin became his mission. The only Chendol that they have tried that is close to the Chendol in Indonesia was from a shop in Lucky Plaza which has ceased business and the one in Malacca @ Jonker Street.

Customer service is another important issue. They strive to give the ‘hotel’ standard and attitude as much as they could even when on very busy days.

With the hard work from both of them, their desserts have improved tremendously in terms of taste, presentation, variety and most importantly sincerity. Maybe that is why you can taste ‘Love’ in their desserts.

As what Ewan always says: “If others can do it, why not me?” Now their slogan is “If others can do it, we can do better”.

From then on, Jin Jin has grown from strength to strength, becoming the icon of ABC Food Centre. Ewan and Calvin themselves also become an inevitable tools to their shop’s success. Customers who became regulars, who then became friends, would come all the way from all over Singapore just to visit them for a dessert and a hearty chat.

They advertised in the newspaper promoting Jin Jin. They were also recommended by listeners over the radio highlighting their famous and mouth watering Chendol and “Liu Mang Bing” Durian/ Mango Ice). Great comments are often received. Nevertheless, the owners did not get comfortable and lazed back. They continuously discover new desserts to surprise their customers, constantly upgrading the quantity and quality of their current desserts. And most of all, they keep their words maintaining humble and their friendly attitude until today.


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